I work as a design practitioner and editor across different fields of visual culture and technologies. Design Practice as feedback loop of using and making, transforming requirements into prereqisites and back again. Technology not as an instrument for streamlined production, but as creative matter to engage with. Maybe in a spirit of artisanal nostalgia. Definitely towards questions of literacy in relation to contemporary ideas of convenience. As a user and maker of digital infrastructures I have a particular interest in free/libre/open source methodologies, both theory and practice.

Founder, Maintainer and Editor at FREEZE+PRESS; Co-Founder of LAFKON Publishing; Studied at KHM Köln, Department of Hybrid Space ● Worked with ARTE, Constant, GOTO10, Medialab Prado, Piet Zwart Institute, servus.at, WDR, WORM, ZDF; ● Exhibitions, Lectures, Commissions: AMRO Linz: 201220142016, Arnolfini Bristol, FILE São Paulo, FILE GAMES Rio de Janeiro, Libre Graphics Meeting: MadridLeipzigTorontoLondon, Linux Audio Conference: BerlinCologneParma, LiWo Linz: 20092010, make art Poitiers: 200720092010,  MU Eindhoven, NIMK Amsterdam, SAM Basel, Talking Cities Essen, Verbindingen/Jonctions Brussels