Christoph Haag explores and creates relationships throughout design and software practises. As a user and maker of interfaces he has a strong interest in free/libre/open source technology. Currently his focus is on making things public as a creative endeavour. Lives and works in Augsburg, Germany.

Founder, Maintainer and Editor of FREEZE+PRESS; Co-Founder of LAFKON Publishing; Studied at KHM Köln, Department of Hybrid Space ● Worked with ARTE, Constant, GOTO10, Medialab Prado, Piet Zwart Institute,, WDR, WORM, ZDF; ● Exhibitions, Lectures, Commissions: AMRO Linz: 201220142016, Arnolfini Bristol, FILE São Paulo, FILE GAMES Rio de Janeiro, Libre Graphics Meeting: MadridLeipzigTorontoLondon, Linux Audio Conference: BerlinCologneParma, LiWo Linz: 20092010, make art Poitiers: 200720092010,  MU Eindhoven, NIMK Amsterdam, SAM Basel, Talking Cities Essen, Verbindingen/Jonctions Brussels